Milonga Azul

Weekly Argentine Tango Milonga in the Unitarian Church Hall in central Brighton on Tuesdays from 8-11pm

Autumn to Spring @ La Pequeña

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As clocks turn back, leaves crisp in the autumn sun…………. La Pequeña settles in for winter at the Unitarian Church Hall.

October has seen a flurry of activity and support – To which I say thank you.

A huge thank you for all the experienced dancers in Brighton, who made the Tenderfoot a success. Slowly, more beginners are making their way into the Milonga’s in Brighton and finding out – what & who is out there. Mixing, moving, making friends, dancing with others and using the skills they are learning.

Building the community is a community based effort – not 1 aspect of the community can do this alone. Everyone is responsible for the Ronda and everyone is responsible for the community.

The Tenderfoot was just a link in the “Tango in Brighton” chain.

It will be repeated – Watch this space


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Sign up to Practilonga de Los Impermeables


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