La Pequeña Milonga Azul

Weekly Argentine Tango Milonga in the Unitarian Church Hall in central Brighton on Tuesdays from 8-11pm

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….. And so it is Christmas

We are welcoming in a colder snap and the dancers are wrapping up warmer.

Hats & Uggs, Hugs & Gloves, Wine & Glugg to keep us going.

La Pequena will be hibernating over the Christmas period, ready to explode back on the scene in January. Below find the dates

Last Milonga of 2017 – 19th December

First Milonga of 2018 – 9th January

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Autumn to Spring @ La Pequeña

As clocks turn back, leaves crisp in the autumn sun…………. La Pequeña settles in for winter at the Unitarian Church Hall.

October has seen a flurry of activity and support – To which I say thank you.

A huge thank you for all the experienced dancers in Brighton, who made the Tenderfoot a success. Slowly, more beginners are making their way into the Milonga’s in Brighton and finding out – what & who is out there. Mixing, moving, making friends, dancing with others and using the skills they are learning.

Building the community is a community based effort – not 1 aspect of the community can do this alone. Everyone is responsible for the Ronda and everyone is responsible for the community.

The Tenderfoot was just a link in the “Tango in Brighton” chain.

It will be repeated – Watch this space


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TenderFoot Milonga

The Tenderfoot Milonga, will replace La Pequena on this date only (10/10/17)

Milongas (Tango Party) can be scary places with tales of woe and a miriad of rules which seem either impossible to remember or just plain stupid.

This evening will be dedicated to the Tenderfoot Tanguero/a with a mini workshop to get you acquainted with the music set-up, Mirada, Cabeceo, Ronda, getting in/out and surviving a tanda.
There will be a handful of experienced dancers to aid the learning path and to introduce you to our lovely community.

7-8pm – Milonga – getting started workshop
8-10pm – Dedicated Tenderfoot Milonga in Tandas
10-11pm – Dancing for all (normal Milonga)

Who is this for? — EVERYONE
Anyone who has never been to a Milonga
Anyone who would like a brush up on codigos
Any improver’s who wish get over the fear in a safe environment
Anyone who would like to support the hundreds of new Tango Dancers in the locality
Anyone who would like to see some more addicts on the dance floor

Experienced Dancers – please do come and support the Tenderfoots – you were new once!

7-8pm Milonga workshop inc Milonga – £7 (experienced dancers for free – must be in attendance by 7.30pm for free entry)
8-11pm Milonga only – £4

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Summer Time – and the dancing is easy

hove band stand fistures 1937

The Hove Bandstand has a varied history – as well as a varied location. it is now to be found on the seafront at the bottom of Bedford Square

The Brightonion Tango Dancers love dancing outside, so during the summer months, we will be venturing out to the Hove Bandstand.

The Bandstand is owned by the City and therefore we are unable to book, but we can race down after work and hope that we have enough numbers to wow the locals with our Tango, that we can use the space for a few hours on a Tuesday evening.

If the weather is not up too scratch, then we may postpone the evening – or try to find an inside venue for the evening

Commencing on 20th June – until then we are still BLUE @ the Unitarian Church

8pm @ The Bandstand on Hove Seafront (in front of Bedford Square)

Donations will be welcome for the DJ

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……. And so it begins

Feel like I have big shoes to fill.

Feels like the first day of school again.

Claudia has made such an impact with this Milonga and I only hope that we, as a community, can build on her foundations for Tuesdays.

There will be no renaming – no reframing.

Just good old fashioned dancing – Tango Dancing.

May AZUL continue to be a part of the Brighton Tango scene for a long time.

Your abrazos are required – 8pm – Sharp.


P&B (still here)